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Copywriter & Story Nerd

Expert copy that sounds like you... only better.

Build a tribe of loyal advocates with wholehearted copy using the latest tactics in brain science.

Words that capture your brand’s heart and soul ✨

Tired of second-guessing your copy, staring at the screen, and wondering where the heck to start?Meet your go-to copywriter.Get professionally crafted words you can launch with confidence.See samples of the winning content I’ve crafted for other leaders and brands.

"The copywriter of my dreams..."

"Katie was the copywriter of my dreams! She went above and beyond and I'm so happy I reached out to her. Her process was clear, informative, and brought some amazing results that helped transform the messaging for my brand!"

Alex Barr

Founder of Dare to Birth

"Storyteller extraordinaire..."

"Storyteller extraordinaire. Katie is gifted at capturing the hearts and minds behind the stories and putting them to words on a page in a way that very few I've ever met could do."

Joe Frost

CIO of a global nonprofit

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Web, email, & content

Rise above the digital noise with copy that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Nonprofit fundraising

Exceed your fundraising goals faster with stories and tactics that win hearts and open wallets.


Lock in a new name and messaging framework that your audience won’t stop talking about.


Transform your brilliant idea into a polished article, blog post, ebook, or even full-length book.

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I’ve got you covered.From video scripts to landing pages, annual reports to email automations…Get an expert-crafted end product you can launch with confidence.

100s of successful projects.40+ satisfied, returning clients.

Here's why we'll make a great team 🙌

I’m here for wholehearted disruptors and nonprofit rockstars ready to take their brand from ignored to adored.I admire brave, daring folks like you.And when you’ve got my admiration, I go all out to craft copy that captures your heart and soul.Plus, when I commit to your project, I’ll do it fast, and I’ll do it well.That means you get great copy without the drag on your time and drain on your energy...So you can launch your message faster and with confidence.

About me

Meet your go-to copywriter

Hey! I’m an Arizona-based copywriter and self-identified story nerd.After a decade as a globe-trotting humanitarian worker, I landed the dream job I never dreamed could be mine: writing stories and copy to help nonprofits raise more money.I’m no scientist.But I love learning about the brain… how words drive behavior and inspire your audience to take big, bold action.That means you get copy that drives results, rallies your community, and turns lurkers into repeat customers.

5 reasons to team up

Copy informed by global insights 🌍

Driven to help people, I served as an international humanitarian worker. In my off-time, I wrote stories so folks back home could get a glimpse of life in other places.

Campaigns that exceed your goals 🎯

After 10 years of global wandering, I started writing stories and nonprofit fundraising copy, crafting campaigns that doubled the dollars brought in during previous campaigns.

Stories rooted in neuroscience 🧠

Because your audience is wired for story, I craft your stories using a framework built on neuroscience tactics to instantly pull readers in, move hearts, and inspire them to action.

Messaging founded on research 🔬

You'll gain from my information-hoarding tendencies as I mine your industry for in-depth insights and turn them into benefit-driven copy that resonates with your audience.

Words inspired by your brand ✨

I go deep into your brand to draw out the winning ingredients that will make your message shine, rally your audience, and build a community of brand believers.


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